Hope City Internship

Our internship program really sets us apart. Most colleges offer a limited number of internships, typically available only to upperclass students. But our students participate in an internship every semester. At Hope City Colleges, you’ll get leadership experience through serving and leading teams. Check out our internship menu below and start dreaming. For the first year every student will spend time in each ministry area to ensure they have an appreciation and understanding of the ministries at Hope City Church.

Pastoral & Organizational  Leadership

The Pastoral Leadership Practicum is designed to train students with a heart for leading and pastoring within the Church

Students will receive hands–on experiences in team building, pastoral care, and leading church ministries

Each week students will have the opportunity to lead in a variety of pastoral environments.

Students will serve in key ministry roles such as: Missional Community, Children's Ministry, Student Ministry, Weekend Service Teams and the Dream Center. 

Worship & Production

The Worship Practicum is designed for musically gifted students who are passionate about refining their skills as vocalists and musicians

Students will receive hands-on experiences in music theory, vocals, instrumentation, and pastoral worship

Each week students will have the opportunity to engage in an environment that sharpens their musical talents and heart for worship.

The Production Practicum is designed to equip students with the know how of producing an excellent and weekend service.

Students will receive hands on experience learning audio, video, lighting, cameras and screen presentation.

Each weekend students will participate in service preparation (ProPresenter, light programming, stage setup, etc.) as well as weekly planning meetings.

Missions & Outreach

The Missions & Outreach Practicum is designed to train and develop students that will mobilize the Church to help fulfill the Great Commission both locally and globally

Students will receive hands-on experiences in community outreaches, global missions, and evangelism

Each week students will have the opportunity to lead outreaches, organize mission trips, and support global initiatives

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Practicum is designed to develop students who have a passion to advance the Kingdom using their creative gifts

Students will receive hands-on experiences in photography, film, and design

Each week students will have the opportunity to create and design visual content using the Adobe Creative Suite


Life as a student at Hope City is filled with new, exciting and enriching experiences that expose you to the best of what we have to offer as a church community and academic institution. 



Day Off

SEU Classes, Practicum, Mentorship

Leadership Develpoment, Chapel, SEU Classes

SEU Classes, Sprirtual Formation, 

Leadership Development, Touch Point, SEU Classes

Church Service

Church Service